Gov. Reeves;

The citizens of Mississippi were told that it would take a little over two weeks to “flatten the curve” and life could continue as normal, but what we have experienced is very different. We now find ourselves more than six months from that first executive order with no end in sight.

I ask you to end the executive orders.

I also ask that you to protect our constitutionally protected rights. The right to own and manage a business, the right to gather in peaceful groups, the right to make our own healthcare decisions is essential to our way of life, our health, and our survival as a free nation and state. The continual issuance of executive orders with no foreseeable end in sight has created an atmosphere of distrust and frustration among the people of our state. Our freedoms and liberties have been limited for too long; the people are crying out for relief, they are demanding their constitutional rights no longer be infringed.

Our laws need to be changed, one politician should not have the ability to hold our state hostage in an extended emergency declaration, please work with the Mississippi Freedom Caucus to reform the Mississippi Emergency Management and Civil Defense laws .

For Mississippi,


Stop Excessive Executive Orders